Mattermost Notifications Service

On Mattermost

To enable Mattermost integration you must create an incoming webhook integration:

  1. Sign in to your Mattermost instance
  2. Visit incoming webhooks, that will be something like: https://mattermost.example/your_team_name/integrations/incoming_webhooks/add
  3. Choose a display name, description and channel, those can be overridden on GitLab
  4. Save it, copy the Webhook URL, we'll need this later for GitLab.

There might be some cases that Incoming Webhooks are blocked by admin, ask your mattermost admin to enable it on https://mattermost.example/admin_console/integrations/custom.

Display name override is not enabled by default, you need to ask your admin to enable it on that same section.

On GitLab

After you set up Mattermost, it's time to set up GitLab.

Go to your project's Settings > Services > Mattermost Notifications and you will see a checkbox with the following events that can be triggered:

  • Push
  • Issue
  • Merge request
  • Note
  • Tag push
  • Build
  • Wiki page

Bellow each of these event checkboxes, you will have an input field to insert which Mattermost channel you want to send that event message, with #town-square being the default. The hash sign is optional.

At the end, fill in your Mattermost details:

Field Description
Webhook The incoming webhooks which you have to setup on Mattermost, it will be something like: http://mattermost.example/hooks/5xo...
Username Optional username which can be on messages sent to Mattermost. Fill this in if you want to change the username of the bot.
Notify only broken builds If you choose to enable the Build event and you want to be only notified about failed builds.

Mattermost configuration